Last month we asked you who you wanted for Sheriff Walt Longmire or Andy Griffith. The votes are in and Walt won by a landslide. Wyoming needs a man of action for their sheriff. Now we enter round two – DING! If you were in trouble - real trouble - Who would you call Sheriff Walt Longmire or John Wayne? It is a battle of new versus old school.

First, let's review the numbers from round one. Walt took an early lead and finished strong. Nearly 90% of all votes went to Longmire. The old fashioned Andy only received 10% of the votes.

Now we go into round two with some tougher competition for the Absaroka County Sheriff. If you were stuck between a rock and a hard place, who would you want to have your back? The Duke? Or Walt Longmire?


The Great [and fictional] Debate

John Wayne has filmed numerous movies in Wyoming. Whether he was a lawyer, roughneck, or cowboy, he was the man to call when you needed the job done right. Our defending champion is Walt Longmire. This tragic hero has survived being shot, stabbed, and A&E canceling the show after season 3.

Longmire is stone cold silent. Thinking that it was a slap in the face referencing his new romance, psychologist Dr Donna Moynihan.

Vic then interrupts and says "Walt, whatcha doing?"

These two cowboys are cut from the same cloth. You wouldn't want to get on the bad side of either of these two men. That begs the question who would be on your speed dial? Vote and share your results with your friends.

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