It's a game we all played as a child and some of us still do it as an adult for decision making, like who's going to pay the bill or tell that loud guy in the movie theater to shut up. It's a game that's been around since the Han Dynasty in China. Being there are only three options, you'd think your changes of winning are one in three, but this Japanese company created a robotic hand that has a 100% success rate. Here's how.

It has a camera to sense what you're going to do. As soon as it sees your move, it acts accordingly to chooses it's trump. Don't we wish we all had this reflex time!

Roshamo, Janken, call it what you will, this machine is still pretty impressive. How it will benefit mankind, I'm not exactly sure. If I ever get an artificial arm installed, I demand to have my artificial hand come equipped with this technology.