In the wake of the terrible news that Troy Gentry passed away in a tragic helicopter crash, we would like to remember Cheyenne's most recent great moment with Montgomery Gentry.

The power duo Montgomery Gentry played Cheyenne Frontier Days Thursday, July 23, 2015. The band opened up a raucous party for Alabama. The night was a cool 78 degrees with clear skies, but the boys lit up the stage and brought some fiery heat. The crowd loved it.

Here's a recap from the event itself:

Montgomery Gentry got the party started with a solid set, which included "My Town", 'Hillbilly Shoes", "If You Ever Stop Loving Me”, “Lucky Man”, “Back When I Knew It All” and “Roll with Me.”  One day after their 'not safe for work', anti-government twitter rant made headlines, the band was also on their best behavior between the songs too.

The night wasn't only magical for the average fan. But several folks had the chance to attend a meet-and-greet with the charismatic stars. We are sure it was a night those folks will never forget. Concert goers who came to Cheyenne that night will never forget the time Troy Gentry graced our humble stage and played our town just like it was his.

If you were at that concert please let us know and share photos.

Montgomery Gentry previously played CFD in 2003 with Willie Nelson.

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