If you are just joining us, let me break down my latest attempt to stop smoking:

A week and a half ago, Amy at Straight Line Vapors gave me a free Ego T e-cigarette, and 4 different flavors that contain 24mg of nicotine...the highest amount available. Just an FYI, the Juicy Fruit is my favorite so far, as it tastes just like Juicy Fruit.

Being a pack-a-day smoker, I assumed this would be another failed attempt at getting rid of that smoker smell. So far, I'm wrong...nice!

After a great day 1, I did have a couple tough outings last week, but, thanks to my handy e-cig, I've cut out a lot of tobacco so far. Here's the breakdown:

Total smokes I would have had in a normal 7 day period: 140 (pack-a-day)

Total over the past 7 days: 65

Total Cost for 140 smokes: $35

Total cost for 65: $16.25

That's a big difference, considering I was planning on cutting out just 5 a day. My goal is to be completely weaned from the tobacco by May 1st. Lofty goals, but I believe that 30 days should be sufficient time to change my habits.

I've given myself certain times throughout the day that are available for smoking. If I feel the urge before said times, I just whip out the Ego T and take a synthetic hit or two, and it's been working like a champ. Everyday, I'll update this blog with my successes and failures. Have some advice to help a brotha out? Leave them in the comment section. Wish me luck!

Day 8

Easy day today...I almost feel like I'm cheating. I've started to smoke just a half cigarette, in order to stretch out my packs. The E-Cig helps to curb the yearnings, but I still find I need the real thing. 7 smokes...

Day 9

Today, I slipped a little and had 9 smokes. While I have plenty of excuses for my slacking, I have no reasons. 16 cigarettes over two days is still less than the 20 a day I was smoking a couple weeks ago, but not very encouraging when you consider my quit date is May 1st. I need to step it up...

Day 10

You ever see someone, and just want to punch their stupid face because it annoys you? Well, I no longer do! Today, we had everything go wrong at work...all at once. While I normally don't crack under pressure (I think I just located my shoulder trying to pat myself on the back...), I usually have the option of taking a quick smoke break to help calm my nerves. When the fit hit the shan today, I was able to curb my urges, and help get the issues fixed. One step closer to cigarette freedom! 8 smokes today...because Wednesday is my drinking day. I'll need to work on that.

Day 11

14 cigarettes. Don't want to talk about it. Damn lack of self control...

Day 12

After a crappy day 11, I was starting to rethink this whole quitting thing. Today, I manned-up, hit the Ego-T e-cig as much as I could, and still smoked 10 cigarettes. I know I can do better, and I know at this point the majority of my problem is in my head. Still having a problem replacing the real thing with the fake thing, but I only have a couple weeks left before I'm done for good, so it's time to step it up.

Day 13

This day wasn't too bad. I did have 10 smokes, but I really didn't enjoy any of them. I'm thinking tomorrow is going to be a good day

Day 14

I had six cigarettes left in my pack, and I forced myself to finish it off...so I won't have any tomorrow. I'm done with the real thing, and I'm ready to just hit the e-cig. We'll see how week 3 goes!

Total Smoked This Week: 64

Total Money Saved This Week: $19