I've been smoking everyday since I was 15. That's 20 years of inhaling and exhaling...and I don't want to stop!

The problem is, smokes are expensive, I smell like a taxi cab, and I have no idea what food really tastes like. I've tried everything over the years...and nothing has even come close.

Before we get into this, let me inform you of something - The worst way to get me to stop something is to tell me how bad it is for me. I absolutely hate it when some douche bag gives me a lecture on how bad smoking is for me. Those dumb commercials where people are crying because they don't want their friends/family to die? Whoever made those should be shot. You have some local "actors" use scare tactics to get people to stop? I know most of those people, and a few of them smoke themselves...no lie.

Listen, we all have to die sometime. The threat of me keeling over in 50 years really means nothing to me. No, the reason I want to quit is simple...I don't like smelling like an ashtray. Seriously, that's the only reason.

Recently, I had a friend buy one of those "Ego" electronic cigarettes. She had a couple different flavors, and let me try it. I asked her how well it works, and she said not too bad. She's cut her smoking down in half. Knowing this lady, I was impressed, so I figured "why not"?

Courtesy of the folks at Straight Line Vapors (can't find a web site, but they're located inside of Straight Lines Collision), I now have one myself, as well a bunch of different flavors...because straight nicotine would probably taste like butt and corn chips. The first flavor I'm using is called "sexy beach". Tastes OK, I guess.

So here we are on the very first day of me seriously using this thing. I'll post every week until I'm done smoking...or done quitting. No promises, but I will try my hardest.

Day 1:

Everyday before I get into my car to come to work, I have a smoke. Any smokers out there know how important that first smoke of the day is - it could mean life or death for my co-workers. Today, I skipped that first smoke and hit the electronic cigarette a few times. The entire time, I was thinking about how good a real cigarette would be. Will power...I have none, but I was able to fore-go that first smoke.

I usually have one smoke an hour. I know that sounds like a lot, but if I didn't limit myself, I would probably be at 2 or 3 packs a day...

So far, I've cut out two smokes from my daily routine. Not a huge deal, but a good first step. I'll update this post everyday this week, just so I can share my pain. It's going to be a long week...

[UPDATE] As a pack-a-day smoker, I had planned on cutting down to 15 smokes a day. I figured I'd try slowly weaning myself off, with some help from the e-cig. Happy to report, I only had 7 cigarettes all day - Less than half what I had planned on. We'll see if I can keep that trend going...

Day 2

After what I'd call a successful day 1, day 2 was a little rougher. While the e-cig kind of gives you what your looking for, it doesn't completely replace a real cigarette. Not even close. It does give you the motion and "smoke", but your body knows the difference. You almost have to fool yourself into thinking it's the same thing...

I had 8 smokes yesterday...only one more than Monday, but still a fail in my eyes. In a case of Mind over Matter, my mind is struggling to get it done...

Day 3

Today was going well. By 5:30, I had only partook of 5 cancer sticks, and I was feeling pretty good about myself. At 5:30, I started drinking, and by 8pm, my total intake for the day ballooned to 11. Darn it.

By now, I've figured out how the e-cig best works for me. I don't treat it like a regular cigarette, but instead just take a quick hit or two if I'm feeling the urge. While it doesn't completely kill my jones, it does ebb it enough that I can go another hour or two without killing anybody. That's a good thing. Just a little side note: By now I would have smoked 3 packs of cigarettes - in other words, spent $15. With the help of my Ego T e-cig, I've only smoked 26 cigarettes, or about $6.50. Nice.

Day 4

Well, no one's been stabbed yet. I smoked 10 cigarettes today, and I should have smoked less. The problem is, I left my E-Cig at the office. You see, I didn't appreciate the help it was giving me. I figured "I'll be fine...it's not like it's helping me THAT much."

I was wrong. That little alien-probe looking thingy is what is helping me cut down on my intake. When I have an urge, but it's not my "scheduled" smoke break, I take a synthetic hit. I now know that Amy over at Straight Line Vapors wasn't just blowing smoke - pun intended. This vapor cigarette will never leave my side again as long as I'm smoking.

Day 5

This is a Friday. Not a good day for me as the stress level at work rises, I take a look at a building for sale, help a buddy get some wine and beer going (hobbies), and try to enjoy the only night in which I can actually stay up later than 8pm. 13 cigarettes, but had I not left my e-cig at home, I may have gotten out of it a little less unscathed. 49 smokes over 5 days...less than half of what I would normally have at this point. Sounds good, but not where I want to be. Time to kick my will-power in the rear and get back on track!

Day 6

Not a bad day today. While I did have a total of 9 smokes, I've noticed that the urge is less than earlier in the week. Instead of me looking forward to my next cigarette, I find myself realizing I'm at my "scheduled" smoke time. I've also managed to cut down on hits from the e-cig, which is another step in the right direction. I'm not trying to trade one master for another, just using the e-cig as a fill-in for a real smoke when I absolutely need it. Things are looking up!

Day 7

After an up and down week, I was kind of worried about my "lazy" Sunday. Still trying to master this whole Will power thing, I was sure I would slip today and smoke a whole pack.

I had 7 cigarettes, and the 7th was more of a forced action than a habit-quelling activity. Nice!