We offered some well-known Wyoming Nail Salons for a poll. Even if a woman does her own nails, she might say it’s also nice when someone else does it.

The first thing clear is only one of these six well searched locations was a clear favorite. That winner is in Laramie with 136 votes, Luna Salon and Spa in Laramie with over 23 percent of the vote. In second, Tip to Toe Nail in Cheyenne, and both Casper locations tied in the Top 3 spot.

Lady Q Nails – Stillwater Avenue, Cheyenne 3.89%  

Tip to Toe Nail - Del Range Boulevard, Cheyenne 13.37%

Top Nails – Newport, Casper 4.74%  

 Impressive Nails – Boxelder Rd, Gillette 0.68%

 Pro Nails – East 12th St, Casper 4.74%

 Luna Salon and Spa – East Grand, Laramie 23.01%   

Here’s what is striking, however, if a poll on nail salons can be striking. Those who are nail savvy seem to have their own favorite - “other”. Almost half of the votes, 293, are those “others." Other was 49.57 percent.

Here were some popular write-ins:

Fabulous Nails, Andy's Nails, and who knew another in Cheyenne is named Lati Da. (There were actually a few who knew.)

Solar Nails in Rock Springs

Nails by Emily was mentioned a lot, and maybe one Emily's Nails was referring to the same shop in Casper, where Tangled Up in Style came up often as well.

Thanks for voting.

By the way, no one answered me about what I heard, so maybe it's not really true that some women like a man with a little dirt under his nails.