Pennywise singer Zoli Teglas recently collapsed onstage in Germany during his band’s set at the With Full Force Festival. Teglas had been experiencing back pains throughout the tour due to a herniated disc.

According to reports, the pain was so severe during the show that the singer was brought down to his knees, subsequently sending him directly to the hospital. Teglas was rushed to the emergency room where he was told that he would need immediate surgery on his back or risk the chance of paralysis.

The surgery took place on Saturday (June 30) and the band reports that it was a success, posting this update their Facebook page, “The surgery went as perfect as could be. He’s recovering very well and is already up and slowly moving around. Zoli is in good spirits and is recovering nicely. Unfortunately due to his recovery time, the last leg of the tour will be canceled. The band will however be back out to finish the last scheduled tour date in Spain at the Aupa Lumbreiras Festival on July 13th.”

Fans have been posting messages of support for Teglas on the band’s Facebook page, everything from supportive comments like “Bros before shows” to messages wishing him a speedy recovery.

Pennywise had been out on tour with the Flatliners in support of their latest disc ‘All or Nothing,’ released in May of this year. Teglas replaced longtime Pennywise singer Jim Lindberg in early 2010.

As we reported earlier, the With Full Force festival was also marred by a lightning strike that injured more than 50 people. See the details below:

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