Who's the monster that did this to this poor cute pug: Removing its eye without its owner's permission?!?!

This dog was brought to the vet for a routine checkup in St. Petersburg, Fla. However, when its owner picked it up, its eye had been removed without her consent, WTVT-TV Fox 13 News reported.

Chloe's eye was a little cloudy. So, her owner, Kimberly Hayden, dropped her off to the vet on her way to work.

When she received a call saying Chloe's surgery went well, Hayden began to shake and was worried. When she got to the vet and saw Chloe and the missing eye, she immediately broke down.

The vet, who did the surgery without her consent, reportedly says a mistake was made.

Hayden is sharing her story on Facebook and elsewhere in hopes this will be prevented from happening to any more cute animals.

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