The phrase "there is nothing new under sun" is very true, which includes this trend of man-rompers.

Maybe wearing rompers or man-rompers is becoming a new fashion trend for males, but there are several jobs (some that are very popular in the Cowboy State) that have been sporting these for years, including:

  • Oilfield Workers
  • Military
  • Construction Workers
  • Waste/Sewage Disposal
  • Mechanics
  • Sanitation Department

There are other places wear the man-romper is popular, although not necessarily by choice (see also: corrections/jail/prison). Regardless, you have to give it up for the gentlemen in the above video. He sports his oilfield attire with pride.

*It's worth noting that coveralls (also known as boilersuits) are basically in the romper family by definition. Of course so are onsies and footy pajamas.

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