The Antichrist is among us … and he's adorable! In Norway, black metal's unofficial capital, a lamb by the name of Batlam was born with corpse paint, or more accurately, corpse wool.

Easter Sunday was celebrated this year by Christians worldwide, commemorating the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead. However, Satanists may begin a new holiday the day after Easter celebrating the birth of Batlam, who was likely created by the devil himself to lure the righteous towards the dark side.

According to Black Forest Magazine, Batlam was born on Monday, April 21, 2014, the day after Easter. This particular Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace breed boasts a pattern unmistakable to black metal warriors. Batlam's wool darkens into a pure black around his evil eyes and the front part of his mouth, the latter of which will be used to profess blasphemy towards visitors of Norway's Vitengarden (the Science Farm). That's right! If you're in the Nærbø area, you can see the cute little hell-beast in person.

The Vitengarden is part of Jærmuseet, a regional science center and museum where you can learn about history, culture and industry of Jæren. But if you're not into that stuff, you can head straight over to little Batlam for all your occult needs.

No matter how kvlt you may be or how many black metal war anthems you've composed alone on stormy nights, it's now officially okay for the coldest of hearts to swoon over the cuteness of Batlam.

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