Ozzy God Bless

After reading this story, I wondered...I Ozzy dieing? Why would he be planning a funeral? I don't know if this really answers it, but according to BlabberMouth.net:

Legendary heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne — who has often said in interviews that he is "lucky to be alive" after decades of substance abuse, casual sex and drinking — wants his funeral to be "a celebration, not a mope-fest."

OK, I'd have to agree with that. Me personally, I want an Irish Funeral: LOTS of food, LOTS of Booze, and LOTS of Irish Folk music!

Sorry, back to Ozzy's funeral. He went on with his requests, even asking for pranks:

"I'd also like some pranks maybe the sound of knocking inside the coffin, or a video of me asking my doctor for a second opinion on his diagnosis of 'death'.

As for music requests, he surprised me with anything as long as everyone's happy.

"I don't care what they play at my funeral; they can put on a medley of Justin Bieber, Susan Boyle and We Are The Diddymen if it makes 'em happy — but I do want to make sure it's a celebration, not a mope-fest (sic).

Yeah, that just happened. And why again all this funeral talk? Well, back in 2007 Ozzy and Sharon made a suicide pact. Seriously, if either one of them gets a mental illness they're throwing in the towel. Sharon went on to say:

"We believe 100 per cent in euthanasia, so have drawn up plans to go to the assisted suicide flat in Switzerland if we ever have an illness that affects our brains. If Ozzy or I ever got Alzheimer's, that's it — we'd be off.

It seems Sharon's father suffered his own hereditary disease when she was a kid.

"My father deteriorated at such a rapid speed he became a shell of himself."

I guess planning your funeral now while you can do so calmly ain't such a bad idea. What about you? Have you planned your funeral? How do you see it going down?  Sound off with the comments below.