A Natrona County woman pleaded guilty in Natrona County District Court on Tuesday to driving an SUV and hitting her husband.

In exchange for Carly Lynn Jackson's plea of aggravated assault, the prosecutor and defense attorney Don Fuller agreed to dismiss another count of aggravated assault and one misdemeanor count of property destruction at her sentencing.

If the case had gone to trial and she was convicted on all counts, she could have faced more than 20 years in prison and $20,000 in fines.

District Court Judge Catherine Wilking told Jackson that the court is not bound by the agreement, and that her plea is a "cold plea," meaning the plea agreement could be withdrawn and the case could go to trial if she breaks the law or violates the terms of her bond.

Jackson, who was 36 when arrested, will be sentenced at a later date.

The case began Dec. 4 when her husband called police to say she tried to hit him with a sport utility vehicle at a home on El Rio Road, according to court documents.

Witnesses told police they had gone with Jackson to help her retrieve some of her belongings. She and her husband were divorcing at the time.

While Jackson was at the house, loading belongings from the garage into the back of the SUV, her husband pulled up and seemed upset.

They began to argue, she got angry and threw a staple gun at her husband.

He also told police that Jackson held a hunting knife. She allegedly grabbed the hoodie of his sweatshirt as he was walking away and yelled, "I'm gonna stab you," according to court documents.

The husband walked into the house, then entered the garage when Jackson accelerated,  hit the exterior corner of the house. backed up, accelerated again, and hit her husband and knocked him down.

During the hearing Tuesday, Assistant District Attorney Dan Itzen said the injuries were minor.

A witness told authorities Jackson allegedly told her attorney that she tried to run over her husband "a couple of times."