I was so excited when my bosses at Townsquare Media told me to create a list of my favorite beers that I completely stressed out about it. I'm a microbrew fanatic, and while I'm not an expert, I have tried many brews in my day... I've probably left a few off of this list, but
Favorite Craft Beers
  1. Tommyknocker - Maple Nut Brown. As a huge fan of nut browns I find this to be perfection. There are notes of brown sugar, cocoa, and that important hint of maple syrup. Tommyknocker is a great small brewery in the quiet mountain town of Idaho Springs, Colorado. 
  2. Oskar Blues - Old Chub. This Scottish style ale is smooth and creamy with notes of chocolate and coffee. Oskar Blues is located in Longmont, Colorado.
  3. Mac 'N Jacks - African Amber. This Washington craft beer is a sweet malt with notes of caramel and toffee. There's a touch of citrus and a slight 'hoppiness.'
  4. Magic Hat - #9. On a hot summer day, Magic Hat #9 hits the spot. It's smooth and refreshing. Labeled as "not quite a pale ale," Vermont's #9 is a nice fruit blend without being overly "fruity." For me, the taste of apricot really rises. There's also some citrus and apple flavors.
  5. Left Hand Brewing - Milk Stout Nitro. Not only is this one fun to drink, it's fun to pour! If you buy it in the bottle be careful to follow directions... this beer absolutely has to settle for a while to get the full effect. It's creamy, full bodied, and tastes like grown up chocolate milk. Left Hand Brewing is from Longmont, Colorado.
Microbrew runners-up: Old Town Brown from Chicago Brewing Company in Las Vegas, New Belgium's Portage, and too many others to name.
 Favorite Wyoming-Brews
  1. Bitter Creek Brewing - A Beer Named Bob. This Rock Springs brewery is a must when I travel I-80. Not only am I a fan of the massive burger selection, they brew great beer. A Beer Named Bob is an intimidating fellow because it's pitch black, but don't let that stop you. It's flavorful, a little reminiscent of chocolate milk with a touch of coffee.
  2. The Library - Pomegranate Blueberry. Although it might be funny sounding to order, trust me, this is not a beer to laugh at. Unbelievable fruit flavors in this wheat beer that make for an extremely smooth drink. This is another good one on a hot day.
  3. Lander Brewing Company - Atlantic City Gold. By far the lightest beer I have on the list, but this one is flavorful and refreshing. It's reminiscent of your favorite light beer, but with much more going on. There's a hint of hops and sweetness, but it's very easy to drink.
  4. Snake River Brewing - Pako's IPA. This Jackson classic ranks very high with the beer crowd nationally. IPA's are incredibly hit and miss for me. I love a complex IPA with fruity notes and this nails it. A little bit fruity, a little big of hops. Overall it's a fun beer when you're hanging in Jackson.
  5. Blacktooth Brewing - Saddle Bronc Brown. I just discovered this brewery from Sheridan. They have a bunch of great stuff, but by far my favorite (and again I'm partial to Brown Ale's) is Saddle Bronc Brown! There's a touch of chocolate, coffee, and cocoa that mix for a nice brown flavor that is incredibly smooth to drink.

Wyoming runners-up: Crow Creek Ale at Shadow's Brewing Company Cheyenne and Coal Porter from Bitter Creek Brewery in Rock Springs.

When you're at a bar: My favorite from the major breweries is Sam Adams, I think they are much more flavorful than traditional Bud and Coors. If you're lucky the bar will have Newcastle Brown Ale. Try this English favorite!