Being a parent truly is one of the most rewarding (yet most difficult), parts of adulthood, even more so when it seems you're doing it correctly.

Recently I had to reprimand my stepdaughter, Dymond, for something trivial. Honestly, I don't even remember what it was for, so it couldn't have been that bad to begin with. Now as a father, at least in my case, it's somewhat more difficult to scold my girls. That's probably because it's easier to pop my boys over the head, give the younger ones a swat or more often than not, a stern look or raised voice is all it takes. But I do believe men are not as equally equipped to dole out punishment for their daughters, much the same way some women find it harder to punish their baby boys. The again, it could be that I'm just a sucker. Anyway, the morning after said scolding took place, I awoke to the cutest, sweetest letter ever on my dresser.

DJ Nyke - Townsquare Media

As a man, that grew up on the rough streets of Flint, Michigan, during the late 80's and early 90's when gang violence was at an all time high, let me tell you that I did get shed some tears of joy. Even as a big bad Marine Corps veteran, that really hit me in the feelers.

If you know my daughter Dymond, you know that she's a very emotional and loving 11-year old child, so it wasn't like she wrote it just to butter me up. She genuinely meant it. I had the best day in the world at work after reading that.

And if that wasn't enough, she followed that letter up with this one when I got home:

DJ Nyke - Townsquare Media

Yeah... I'm one proud and happy (albeit teary-eyed) papa!