I love this story on so many levels. There are photos from a Nebraska teen that have gone viral over the past week. It shows her senior photos created with images of her fallen dad, a soldier who was killed in action 11 years ago.

USA Today shared the story of photographer Susanne Beckmann who posted portraits on her Facebook page Snapshots by Suz of Julia Yllescas. According to the USA Today story, her dad was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2008.

Julia requested that Susanne add pictures of her dad to her senior photos. You really need to see what Susanne came up with.

Photo courtesy of Snapshots by Suz, Facebook
Photo courtesy of Snapshots by Suz, Facebook

Susanne stated in the story that she is a military mom and mother of 2 and has known Julia's family for years. You can understand why these pictures have been shared like crazy on the internet this week.

I am a dad with 3 daughters and it's such a touching tribute. For once in my life, I'm at a loss for words.

Thanks to Susanne for allowing us to share these amazing pictures. Check out Snapshots by Suz Facebook page for more of these inspiring photos.