A mom, whose son with autism attends a public school in California, turned down $86,000 to have her son pulled from school.

The $86,000 was to be used to place her son, 21-year-old David Swanson who uses can't speak but can communicate via iPad, in a private school. The school must provide Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to anyone of any disability, no matter how severe, and David is applicable until Spring of 2014.

David's mother, Heather Houston, told KXTV:

“You could offer me a million, I'm not going to take any money to sign away my son's rights to an education."

Good for you, Mom!!

There were also reports of autistic students being mistreated.

As the father of son with autism, this is very inspiring. I won't lie, if an offer came my way to accept $86,000 to put my son, who is currently struggling kindergarten, in a private school I'd really have to think about it.

Not only does every child deserve FAPE, but anyone can get a high school diploma. Not just a certificate, but an actual high school diploma if they meet the graduation requirements.

Like Heather above who didn't accept the school's offer, she's fighting for her son as every parent should. She's doing what's best for her son and fighting for what her son deserves. Something we all need to do. I'm glad she educated herself so she can share this story.