I have have an autistic 4-year-old son who, like many children, hates getting haircuts. If there was an Octopus Wrestling Federation, I'd be the world champion by how I have to wrap my arms around him to hold him still every time we cut his hair. If he sees how painless and fun getting a haircut is, maybe he'd be more willing to accept the scissors so, to show no harm is done, I let him cut my hair with expected results.

Did it work? Did he allow me to cut his hair?

No. No, it didn't

But it was worth a shot. Not that I have much hair left, and I can always wear a hat for the next few days, it was a fun experience for him as he was giggling while doing it. That was worth it to me, alone.

Do you have any tips on cutting children's hair? I'm willing to accept all advice.