We all know taking the school bus can be tough for kids, but who knew it could be so rough for parents?

A Suffolk, Virginia woman has been sentenced to one month in jail for mooning a school bus after she exchanged some heated words with the driver back in November.

Lisa Grant, 34, was apparently upset the driver sent a note home claiming her son had been misbehaving on the bus and had to sit in the front because he wasn’t acting appropriately.

Grant, who is a single mother, approached the bus stop, but was not allowed on the bus. Grant started cursing, so the driver called police, at which point she walked to the front of the bus and dropped trou for all to see. She’s also accused of revealing one breast. Several students captured the incident on their cell phones and a security video also shows Grant in action.

Grant maintains her innocence, saying, “I did not moon the bus. I did not flash. I take full responsibility for my actions, for my disorderly conduct, for my arguing with [the bus driver]. I take full responsibility for that, but she also deserves the same thing I got.”

Grant was sentenced to six months behind bars, with five months suspended. She will serve her sentence on weekends.