There is prime real estate all over the Cowboy State, but if you have an extra three million dollars to spare, you can own a missile base. Yes, you read that correctly... a missile base, complete with a 1600 square foot house built over the underground structure.

Located near Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, the house itself has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Three of the bedrooms have walk-in closets. And don't forget your exclusive access to the underground former missile storage.

Here's what's included on the 28 acres of property:

  • Asphalt driveway, approximately one mile, goes around the home to main road

  • 300-yard shooting range

  • Over 60 cords of wood for burning in addition to (20) 55-gallon barrels of coal

    • 2 coal burners (underground) and a pellet burner (home)

  • 40-ton blast door is operational protected by automatic, remote controlled roll-up door in front

  • All lights in structure are operational; 2 skylights in structure were added where vent pipes used to be

  • Barn approximately the size of a 2.5 car garage with 50 amp panel and electricity

  • Water:

    • Two 1,000 ft wells operational with 50 amp panel and electricity in both pump houses

    • Potable water from wells with US Army approval

    • All drains cleaned and operational; 2" sewage pump for black water evacuation; Septic system in full operation

  • Electrical:

    • 400 amp service to structure; 200 amp panel in structure; 200 amp panel in home

    • 5 KW power generated by two wind turbines (on-grid)

    • 7,000 watt outback inverters with 48 volt battery banks

Other than the bragging rights of being able to say you own a missile base, the property does have a lot of really cool amenities. For more information and pictures of the property, visit