If you travel across the Cowboy State, you'll find hundreds of bars and restaurants with mounted animals on the wall. Here's our list of the wildest party animals in Wyoming.

Rick Roddam, Townsquare Media

The Mangy Moose in Teton Village - Located at the base of the Jackson Hole Resort in Teton Village, this popular tourist attraction features a giant moose hanging from the ceiling.

The Spotted Horse in Spotted Horse, WY - The only business in the tiny unincorporated Campbell County town, which boasts a population of 2, the Spotted Horse Bar welcomes visitors with a 15 feet tall bucking horse statue.

The Cats at the Rustic Bar in Saratoga - This old watering hole is as Wyoming as it gets. The walls are covered with animal heads, including two large taxidermy wildcats that prowl over the bar.

Rick Roddam, Townsquare Media

The Grizzly Bear at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson - Purported to be the same Grizzly that local legend C. Dale Peterson killed with his bare hands. The beast stands proudly at the saloon entrance. Check out the virtual tour here.

The Bison at the Occidental Saloon in Buffalo - One of the most iconic bars in Wyoming is the legendary Occidental Hotel and Saloon. The historic bar room features a variety of stuffed animals, including elk, bears, moose, leopards and a wolf perched on the top of a piano. Across from the bar, a bison stands guard over the thirsty patrons. Take a virtual tour of the Occidental here.