The adventures of musician  and comedian Dave Hill come to an end in the sixth and final episode of the very funny web series 'Metal Grasshopper' (watch above).

In 'A New Level of Courtesy and Power,' the Pantera legend and Hill work on putting their turbulent relationship back together before Hill is released back into the wild (or at least to the end of Anselmo's driveway). Unrelayed messages to Anselmo from King Diamond are also addressed.

You can also check out previous episode of 'Metal Grasshopper' below. In 'Vulgar Display of Feelings,' which is the fifth installment of the series, Anselmo agrees to go to group counseling with Hill. Dr. Joe Randazzo helps the pair explore their feelings in an effort to rescue the goat that also happens to be Anselmo's grandmother.

In case you missed the earlier episodes, here are quick recaps and links to episodes one through four. In 'Origins,' the debut of 'Metal Grasshopper,' we meet the main characters and Anselmo reluctantly agrees to impart his heavy metal wisdom on Hill.  In 'Episode Two: Awakening,' Anselmo mentors Hill on how to be 'metal,' tutoring him on everything from headbanging to metal vocals to extreme breakfast cereal.

'Episode Three: Metal or Not Metal' features Anselmo quizzing Hill on what's metal and Hill renting a goat that Philip thinks is his dead grandmother. 'Episode Four: Unscared' finds Anselmo tutoring Hill in the fine art of stage banter and decking him out in corpsepaint before setting him loose upon an unsuspecting public.

'Metal Grasshopper Episode 5: Vulgar Display of Feelings'

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