Heavy metal bands are sometimes used for humorous effect in advertising, as seen in our compilation of funniest metal commercials below. In addition, ESPN ran a Sportscenter ad with John Clayton as a Slayer fan, and the network just unveiled a new one featuring Metallica looking for work since Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera retired and isn't coming into games to 'Enter Sandman.'

Now Greyhound is getting into the act with a new 60 second spot (watch above). It features a metal band coming off stage and getting into a bus. But, it's not a tour bus, it's a Greyhound bus. Their manager has booked dollar fares for the entire band. The bus is packed with regular passengers.

The 'Tour in Style' commercial shows various humorous interactions with band members and passengers. One guy is crying as he watches a sad animated movie, the guitar player gets "shushed" for playing when there's a baby nearby and another band member gives makeup tips to a teenaged girl.

The bus ride actually looks more comfortable than some of the cramped vans bands have to tour in! Check it out in the video above, and see our compilation of funnies metal commercials below.

11 Funniest Commercials in Hard Rock + Metal