Dinosaur Jr. leader and famed mumbler J Mascis has an almost instantly recognizable voice, characterized by the sound of a scratchy throat and notes that tend to wobble like a cassette tape that got left on the dashboard of your car during the summer.

And if you listen closely, you'll hear this classic voice in the background of a new tune released by Canadian punks F----d Up.

The track, 'Led by Hand,' comes from the naughty-word-named band's upcoming album, 'Glass Boys,' which comes out on June 3.

'Led by Hand' is the second track to be released from the new album so far. The first track F----d Up unveiled, 'Paper the House,' came out last month. The two new tracks are rippers, both poppy and ragged at the same time. According to a press release from the band, they will release a limited-run vinyl version with two exclusive bonus tracks.

You can listen to 'Paper the House' right here: