This is one of those stories that only happens in a small town.

Rocky Coss is a judge in Hillsboro, Ohio, and in Judge Coss' courtroom, you turn your cell phone off. If not, and your phone rings, you're held in contempt of court and have to pay a $25 fine. Recently, he broke his own rule.

The judge usually leaves his phone on his desk in his chambers, but recently, he slipped up and brought it into the courtroom with him. Then, in the middle of a hearing, the sound of bagpipes started blaring through the room. The judge quickly realized that it was his phone that was ringing and had to embarrassingly silence it.

Just to prove that he wasn't a big hypocrite, Judge Coss then held himself in contempt of court! He paid his $25 fine, just like he had made others do so many times in the past. At least we know that this judge can walk the walk!