Simply put, there's been a lot of anticipation for Disturbed's return, and the band and their fans are starting to see some of the results. Following news that the band would be releasing their first album in five years this month, Disturbed played their first show in nearly four years as they took over the hometown House of Blues in Chicago.

The band performed a hits-filled set for those in attendance. Fan shot footage of the group playing such favorites as "Down With the Sickness" (seen above) and "Land of Confusion" and "Stupify" (seen below) has surfaced online. The group also played some deeper tracks like "Violence Fetish," "Want" and "The Meaning of Life" that rarely get stage time, while other songs like "The Vengeful One," "The Light," "Hell," "Immortalized" and "What Are You Waiting For" received their concert debut at the Chicago show.

In other Disturbed news, according to Hits Daily Double, the group is expected to top the Billboard Album Chart with their Immortalized album projected to sell between 70K-75K albums in its debut week based on early returns.

Should that happen, it would be Disturbed's fifth consecutive chart-topping album. The streak began in 2002 with their sophomore set Believe, continued in 2005 with Ten Thousand Fists and replicated the feat on 2008's Indestructible and 2010's Asylum. Somewhat ironic is the fact that the only Disturbed album not to top the chart was their debut disc, 2000's The Sickness, which topped out at No. 29. However, that album, which introduced the band to the music scene, went on to be certified four-times platinum, making it their biggest selling release.

Those hoping to see Disturbed will have to wait a little while. The band recently announced their first North American tour will take place in late winter / early spring of 2016. Dates can be found at this location.

Disturbed Chicago House of Blues Aug. 21, 2015 Set List

1. "Ten Thousand Fists"
2. "Warrior"
3. "The Game"
4. "The Vengeful One"
5. "Parayer"
6. "Violence Fetish"
7. "Liberate"
8. "Another Way to Die"
9. "Droppin' Plates"
10. "The Light"
11. "Hell"
12. "Stupify"
13. "Remember"
14. "Want"
15. "The Animal"
16. "Meaning of Life"
17. "Immortalized"
18. "Inside the Fire"
19. "Stricken"
20. "What Are You Waiting For"
21. "Indestructible"

22. "Voices"
23. "Land of Confusion"
24. "Down With the Sickness"

Watch Disturbed Play "Land of Confusion" at Chicago's House of Blues

Watch Disturbed Play "Stupify" at Chicago's House of Blues

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