We've all done it at one point in our lives. Some may not admit to it, but you've done it.

When you shower and the urge hits you, is it worth drying off, using the can, and getting back to business? Not really. Some say that if you pee while showering, you're helping conserve water, which in turn helps save the planet. So, peeing in the shower can be considered doing your part.

According to a survey by Mr. Roto Rooter Plumbing about showering, interesting facts were uncovered.

  • The average shower is 15 minutes long.
  • 30% admit to letting the water run down their legs to wash their feet instead of scrubbing them.
  • 16.7% brush their teeth while showering.
  • 37.4% of Americans will regularly pee in the shower.
Yes! It's OK For Wyomingites To Pee In The Shower
Mr. Roto Rooter

Even though we all have or do pee in the shower, is it okay? The short answer is yes; go ahead and let it flow. The longer answer, according to Health.com,

urine is mostly made up of water and salts, which are unlikely to damage your shower floor.

If you shower pee frequently, you should clean your shower more often. It's recommended to clean with products at least once per week. TC will lower the risks of bacteria lingering around, stop the possible growth of mold, and cut down on the bad smells that can emit from the shower when it's dirty.

Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD, told Health that there are a couple of risks of peeing in the shower.

Generally speaking, urine is sterile since it has no 'living' organisms. This isn't always the case since someone could have a [UTI]. Also, the urine could pick up some bugs from the end of the urethra as it exits.


For females, hovering over a toilet seat or standing up in the shower keeps the muscular wall of your bladder from relaxing. As a result, your bladder may not completely expel urine, weakening your pelvic floor.34
A weak pelvic floor increases the risk of urinary incontinence, or an uncontrollable urge to urinate. Weak pelvic floor muscles may put stress on your bladder and urethra, which causes urine to leak.

You shouldn't ever pee in public showers, though. If you're at a campground, a gym, or a swimming facility this summer, refrain from letting the pee flow.

You should also always use caution when showering in public places.

  • Always have shower shoes, and don't go barefoot.
  • Cover wounds with bandages.
  • Don't share personal items.
    • Bar soap
    • Razors
    • Towels
  • Get completely dry with a clean towel.

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