Chuck E CheeseIt seemed like a harmless kind of thing to do to celebrate a child’s birthday, having a party at a local Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, but one little gesture may have crossed the line of good taste.

The family of Corbin Anderson took the child to the popular pizza chain in Las Cruces, N.M. along with some family members to celebrate his 4th birthday, but the family says the child was snubbed in favor of a larger party a few tables over.

According to the boy’s grandmother, all Corbin really wanted was a hug from Chuck E. Cheese, and in a photo posing with the mascot, it appears as if the character is giving the inappropriate gesture.

It wasn’t until the family got home and uploaded the photo to Facebook that they noticed that he may have been flipping them off. Meanwhile, corporate officials say it was basically the equivalent of a “wardrobe malfunction.”

“He has big wide paws, like a glove, and they’re lumpy and not clearly defined,” said Brenda Holloway. “His glove is a thumb and three fingers, so what you see is his index finger extended – not his middle finger,” she said.

Good thing his top didn’t pop open Janet Jackson style.

Las Cruces Sun-News

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