We've started a new video series called "Interview With A Dude". Basically, we grab random folks from around Casper, and give them their own moment to shine.

Before you pull out the sexist card, we will also be doing "Interview With A Chick" videos, as well. If you see us wandering around, and are interested in doing a video with us, let us know! If you want to nominate somebody who you think would be a great interview, hit us up on our Facebook page, or contact us here.

I was at a buddy's house enjoying some home-made green chili, decent weather, and good conversation. After shootin' the breeze with Sean Johnson, I pulled out my iPhone, made him sit down, and answer my questions. This new arrival to our windy little city has a fresh view of Casper. Check out the interview, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more killer local videos. Enjoy!