We've started a new video series called "Interview With A Dude". Basically, we grab random folks from around Casper, and give them their own moment to shine.

Before you pull out the sexist card, we will also be doing "Interview With A Chick" videos, as well. If you see us wandering around, and are interested in doing a video with us, let us know! If you want to nominate somebody who you think would be a great interview, hit us up on our Facebook page, or contact us here.

For years, Rodeo Rick Darcy has been the anchor on one of Casper's top ranking radio stations, My Country 95.5. Before he moved to Casper 3 years ago, he spent some time in Cheyenne, Idaho, California, and Texas. Being the hardcore outdoors-man that he is, Rick has found a permanent home in our windy city, and a group of buddies that will last a lifetime. With his "Thankful Thursday" fundraisers alone, he's raised almost half-a-million dollars for local charities in just over 3 years. He's also a prep color announcer for AM 1400 ESPN, and he emcees a plethora of events each month. Basically, this man is a workhorse, who's all about Casper.