The city of Mills announced in a press release that because of extreme sustained winds, the large metal eagle on Wyoming boulevard is in danger of losing some of its feathers.

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The release states the eagle is currently under as much inspection as is safely possible, but at this time, it is not safe to provide a lift for closer inspection, while the area around the Eagle is currently barricaded.

Tom McCarthy, Townsquaremedia
Tom McCarthy, Townsquaremedia

Following the collapse of the Natrona County Fairgrounds building on Sunday, the city of Mills said they are taking steps to ensure public safety.

The release states that welders have been standing by for several weeks, but they have not been able to get up to the Eagle for a routine inspection.

Sabrina Kemper, community development director for the city of Mills, said while the Eagle was meant to withstand some amount of wind, it was not as well equipped for the three weeks of sustained wind that have been blowing across the town.

Kemper said crews would need two to fours hours without high winds in order to conduct a proper safety inspection, but it doesn't appear that the wind will let up any time soon.

Mills asks that the public stay clear of the area barricaded and keep a safe distance from Eagle Park.

Kemper said she believes the two occupied houses near the Eagle have been notified of possible issues due to the high wind.

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