"Living well is the best revenge?" Nope! As this brilliant producer just taught us, the best revenge against someone who has wronged you is to embarrass them in front of the entire world. After a young hardcore band, Altitudes, failed to pay this studio engineer for recording sessions, the man behind the board took one of the group's tracks and turned it into electronic dance music!

Posted only two days ago, this video has begun to go viral. As of this posting, the YouTube clip is closing in on 1 million views and its viewership probably won't be slowing down too soon.

'Hardcore EDM Dance Band!' begins with the text, "What happens when a hard core band doesn't pay the engineer for his time and sweat he put into their mix and video? They get a horrible dance re mix free of charge." The hilarity ensues immediately as the clip starts, showing a kid with braces screaming his little lungs out. As for content, the hardcore-turned-electronic song is about what everyone writes about in high school: getting your heart broken. It may not be the most truly hardcore topic, but eh, what did you expect?

What makes this clip solid gold is the song's video. Perfectly balanced, the video depicts a very serious band recording what they feel is very serious music. The track sounds like it probably would have been very run-of-the-mill anyway, but all of these points combined with the dance switcheroo and a "screw you" revenge upload, which has gone viral, is simply priceless.

In the comments for this video, a poster claiming to be Altitudes' vocalist wrote the following:

Im the vocalist for Altitudes

its crazy seeing this, dan our engineer do something like this to us.

we never put the video out, we never put the song up for download or even share it.

Basically we just weren't financially stable at the time but we WERE planning on paying him back. after seeing this its crazy because we never thought he would act in such a way. Were not sorry because our intentions werent to let his hardwork go un paid for. Thats all I have to say. Thank you to the ones who care!

Hopefully, this video will bring a few more customers to Dan's Lab Studios in Long Beach, Calif. Pay your engineers, ladies and gentlemen, or you might be next. [via MetalSucks]

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