Have you ever heard the official Wyoming state song? Did you even know we had a state song?

It's called "Wyoming" and it was adopted as the Cowboy State's official theme 62 years ago today. 

Although it didn't become our official state song until 1955, it was co-written in 1903 by former judge and Wyoming Congressman Charles Edwin Winter and Earle Clemens.

"Wyoming" was copyrighted in 1913 and later released by the Wyoming Publishing Company.

In 1920, a new melody was composed by the Director of the University of Wyoming Music Department George Edwin Knapp.

As Winter wrote, "In the far and mighty West, Where the crimson sun seeks rest, There's a growing splendid State that lies above, On the breast of this great land; Where the massive Rockies stand, There's Wyoming young and strong, the State I love!"

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