Rock and metal fans might not be familiar with Lindsey Stirling, but the violinist currently has the No. 1 album on iTunes with 'Shatter Me.' The title track features Halestorm's Lzzy Hale, and you can watch the video above. There's also a behind the scenes video with Hale and Stirling below.

In the video below, Stirling explains how the collaboration came about: " It was so important for me to find the right singer for it, because I had in my mind the idea of who I wanted. I love vocalists like Hayley Williams from Paramore and Amy Lee from Evanesence, so I really wanted a powerhouse, rock-star female vocalist. I came across Lzzy Hale's videos and Halestorm's stuff, and I was just blown away by the energy that Lzzy has onstage, on camera, in her tracks."

Stirling continues, "I immediately got really excited and was just keeping my fingers crossed that she would have a window to come and do this with me. So I reached out to her management, and really quickly, they responded right back that Lzzy was really excited about the track."

Stirling admitted she hadn't heard of Hale, and Hale wasn't familiar with Stirling, either. Now the two say after recording the song together that they are big fans of each other. She also appreciated the necklace Hale give her from her ScissorHappy by Lzzy Hale collection.

'Shatter Me' is definitely not anything near what Halestorm does. It's pop-flavored electronica with classical violin, a catchy song that the versatile Hale easily adapts to. If you want to check out the album on iTunes, go here.

Halestorm, who are wrapping up a European tour this week, are working on a new album. They recently debuted a new track 'Mayhem.' They'll be in the studio this summer, but also have some scattered U.S. shows scheduled during that time frame. In November, they have a handful of concerts with country superstar Eric Church.

Watch the 'Shatter Me' Behind-the-Scenes Video