Scientists at the University of Wisconsin and University of Maryland have created new music specifically for cats.

The study was done by the University of Wisconsin's Charles Snowdon and the University of Maryland's David Teie and Megan Savage.

The tempo of the songs is based on purring and scratching. And they used a lot of sliding notes, since cats slide through frequencies when they meow.

So far, they think the songs they came up with really are appealing to that lucrative cat demo.

When they played regular human music to a test group of 47 cats, they didn't respond at all, according to research published in The Journal of Applied Animal Behaviour Science.

But when the special music started, the cats got excited and rubbed up against the speakers.

The scientists believe the music could be good to play at animal shelters and veterinary clinics, where it could help cats feel at ease; or even at home, when your cat is stressed out.

Listen to the kitties' ditties:

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