What would you do? Would you steal from a blind man?

Well, someone took it upon themselves to find out just who would.

He walked around United Kingdom mall like a normal, blind man would with his glasses and walking stick. But he dropped his wallet by unexpected people nearby.

The first few people seemed to be very quick to return the wallet to its rightful owner.

But, of course, there are always some bad eggs, and it's pretty interesting to see what happens when those people don't try to return the wallet.

The first culprit gets confronted by someone else, who takes the wallet from the thief to return it to the blind man.

The second thief gets confronted by the blind man, who asks if anyone has seen the wallet he dropped and she just says no. When the blind man pretends to be talking into a hidden mic to say the woman has stolen the wallet, she throws the wallet back where she found it.

So again, what would you do?

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