Megan Bratten, of Independence, Mo., had just gone into the local Kmart to pick up some last-minute school supplies. She was in the store for about 15 minutes and when she came out discovered that her minivan had been stolen.

Thinking quickly, she sent a text to her estranged husband's phone which was still in the minivan, pleading with the thief to return the vehicle.

The single mother of five kids then waited hours before finally hearing back from the thief!

He explained to her that he had lost his job and was simply trying to put a meal on the table for his kids. And then the most shocking thing happened: He agreed to return her van!

He gave her step-by-step instructions on where she would be able to find it, and he even topped off her low transmission fluid!

The thief kept the phone, however, which police say could be a means to catch him. Batten says that even if he is caught, she will not press criminal charges.