For someone who has been partying all night during spring break, 11 a.m. seems so early.

However, one hotel in Panama City Beach, Fla., thought that was the perfect time for party animals to wake up. The way the hotel decided to awaken everyone was to blast the "The Circle of Life," the theme song from the Disney movie The Lion King.

Even though 11 a.m. is somewhat early for some, the Holiday Inn Resort Panama City Beach had a good reason for doing it.

The hotel's management wanted all the party goers to wake up so they could re-hydrate, especially since everyone knows what alcohol does when it comes to hydration.

Sure, the spring breakers were probably mad at first. But since they weren't in the hospital, they were probably thanking the hotel.

Now, many seem to embrace it and actually call weeks in advance to make sure the hotel continues the tradition before booking their rooms!