Several Florida manatees got stuck in a storm drain in Satellite Beach, Fla., on Monday night.

The story is fascinating!

At least as many as 19 manatees somehow became lodged into a drain pipe late Monday. Rescue crews worked through the night to free the gentle beasts from the impending doom of an oncoming rainstorm that might have drowned them all, Florida Today reported.

What's even more interesting, though, is how classically terrible a local TV news report on WFTV-TV was presented.

The reporter offers some idiotic gems like: "I'm not crazy with this umbrella. We're having some raindrops fall out here."

Even when the words manage to make sense, her delivery is unintelligible.

And then there are the super-informative contributions from witnesses.

One woman said: "Well, this is something I've never seen!"

Thanks for the great contribution, Mildred.

Another expert said: "It's awesome the whole community is coming together and trying to get them out."

Astute. And definitely worth taking the time to tell us.

Great job team! Good luck counting all those local Emmy nominations.

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings