Mugshots can be pretty interesting at times.

And that's definitely the case here, where there's quite a bit going on.

Robert Burt from Maine was arrested arrested for drunk driving back in June which led to his mugshot to be taken.

Then, with his two-day sentence coming up in August, a co-worker of his took that mugshot from June and printed it on a t-shirt and gave it to Burt. Also on the t-shirt was the date of his August sentencing and the words Family Reunion, a reference to one of Burt's family members who was in the jail he was sentenced to.

This idea from his clever co-worker led to Burt's new mugshot this month with him wearing the t-shirt of his mugshot from June!

Robert Burt, 19, in a booking photo taken at Somerset County Jail in Maine earlier this month. (Photo courtesy Somerset County Jail)

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings