William Long has had a pretty rough go at it.

All in all, he's spent 39 of his 53 years in prison.

While doing one stint, Long decided he needed to look tougher so he got a "666" tattoo over his left eye. Since it was a dirty prison tattoo, he ended up getting hepatitis C from it.

But things appeared to be looking up when Long was actually spending a rare short stint outside prison.

He was in line to make a sandwich at a charity program at a church on The Outer Banks of North Carolina. He got in a fight with a homeless man and ended up stabbing and killing him, WTKR-TV reported.

So, back to prison for Long.

Now, his family is blaming everything but Long for his awful life. They say his tattoos were his downfall. They're blaming the system for hot helping him out more inside and outside of prison, WTKR-TV reported.

What they fail to realize is that he made the decisions that got him where he is.