This surfer's surfboard got snapped Wednesday by some nasty Pacific Ocean waves generated by hurricane Marie in Malibu, Calif. (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

If you're not pro surfers like us, you may not be familiar with the term "shooting the pier."

Shooting the pier refers to a move where a surfer is surfing a wave and actually passes through the structure of a pier that is sticking out into the ocean.

Essentially, it's pretty ridiculous and you have to have massive balls to even try it.

Legendary big wave surfer Laird Hamilton has those balls.

American big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton caught some Pacific Ocean waves Wednesday generated by hurricane Marie Reach in Malibu, Calif. (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Because of Hurricane Marie, southern California is getting some massive waves, which means the beaches are packed with surfers.

Hamilton decided to show off a bit on Wednesday while catching that crazy Pacific Ocean surf.

He ended up shooting the pier in Malibu, Calif.

Check out his crazy video below.

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