Many people had been able to see this closet full of millions of dollars worth of handbags, furs and jewelry thanks to her hosting charity events and having the closet shown on television many times, KHOU TV reported.

Like we said, it's pretty obvious that this closet would eventually become the target of a robbery.

However, the person who allegedly robbed the extravagant closet in The Woodlands, Texas, called the a Houston news media outlet to talk about the items they stole.

While speaking through a voice modulator and using a burner phone, the alleged burglar claims the items that were being kept in the closet are actually fake and not worth the money everyone was led to believe they were worth. Apparently, the burglar also met with Roemer to discuss returning the items at a high price to keep him from letting the cat out of the bag that the items were worthless, The Houston Press reported.

After that fell through, the burglar mailed the news media the worthless items.

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