Everyone hates the absurd amounts of money that it costs to fly somewhere on an airplane. It's so convenient, yet so expensive! But fret no more.

A company is looking to change all of that, but it's going to also change airplanes completely.

A family is in flight in this photo illustration for the Centre for Progress Innovation, Ltd.'s (CPI's) windowless cabin for passenger aircraft. (Photo illustration courtesy Centre for Progress Innovation)

This company thinks that if all windows are removed from airplanes, it will reduce the amount of structural material necessary to build the plane.

The result is it will reduce the plane's weight and, in turn, reduce the fuel consumption and, seemingly, reducing your ticket price!

But a plane without windows? That'll suck, right? WRONG!

The windows will be replaced with massive TV screens stretching the length of the aircraft from floor to ceiling. The screens will be connected to cameras on the plane's exterior and will project images from outside.

Now, we're pretty sure that all of this will NEVER happen, but the idea is pretty unique?

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