A 12-year-old in Florida who has previously been accused of stealing two school buses, is back to his old ways.

He's now being accused of stealing his neighbor's pickup truck, WJHG NewsChannel 7 reports.

After being busted back in June for his first school bus heist in Parker, Fla., Michael Propst served 21 days in juvenile detention.

The day after he got out, he stole his mother's car, as well as his second school bus! He was picked up again by cops while driving that bus. That earned him another 21-day stint in juvie.

Propst got out again and, basically, went right back to his old ways.

He cut off his ankle monitor and attempted to steal his mother's car again.

When that didn't go well, he went over to the neighbor's house and tried stealing a go-kart. Fail No. 2.

He was finally successful, though, at stealing his neighbor's truck.

Not surprisingly, authorities are saying that Propst may not have the best home life and that may be what has lead to some of his issues.

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