Did you know that an elephant's digestive system produces enough methane gas each day to propel an automobile 20 miles? I read it online, so it must be true...

After seeing this, I had to do a little research to verify, and sure enough, it seems to be legit. There are a couple issues with this, though.

First of all, how would you harness that power? Would gas stations be replaced by herds of the pachyderms? Would you have to pull up and stick a hose in their butt, or would they have tanks full of elephant ass?

Second, and most importantly, according to articles like this one on elephantjournal.com:

The worldwide amount of carbon presently locked in gas hydrates is conservatively estimated to be twice the amount of carbon to be found in all the world’s known oil, gas, and coal deposits.

Burning these deposits would therefore generate substantial greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to another potential worry—the stability of hydrates.

Basically, global climate change would increase. According to Al Gore - who invented Global Warming - that's a bad thing.

While it's fun to look for new ways to power humanity, Wyoming - and other states that depend on fossil fuels for income - doesn't have to worry about being replaced by elephants any time soon...