Imagine a long Wyoming highway. You are somewhere two hours from the last ranch house that appeared as a dot on the horizon. But there off in the distance, a group of weather-beaten single wide trailers and tied looking homes rest. Is that a town? Really? Why in Wyoming is anyone out here?

Here are 5 Wyoming "why are they out here" towns, and the reasons people still live there.

The New York Times actually wrote an article on the town of Bill when its population exploded to 11 people, after that a hotel and restaurant were built there. So much coal was moving through Bill that the railroads decided to make it a hub in the area. Workers on the line would need hotel and a place to eat. That is why there are people in Bill, Wyoming.

This town was declared dead more than once. It was once a gold rush town. But the place has been mined out. There are only 37 residents left. All these years later people still live there. Why? Because it is a historic tourist destination on the way to Jackson. That is how most of the people of Atlantic City, Wyoming make their living.

It was once a uranium boomtown. The market collapsed, and the town all but died. Only 58 people remain. Why? How do they make a living? Ranching is the primary reason. There are several big ranches in the area. Some truckers still stop for a little gas and a meal at the diner. And that is about it.

4). Midwest 

The town looks more like a neighborhood in the middle of nothing, centrally located in the middle of nowhere. Population 404. So why are people still there? Oil.

Just a short half mile up the road from Midwest is the town of Edgerton, which looks like a smaller, less affluent, version of Midwest. Population 195. Why are people there? This is a guess, but probably because their employers live up the road, in Midwest.

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