In typical 'Foo' fashion, The Foo Fighters put on one hell of a show at the Casper Events Center on December 10th.

Dave Grohl and company did not disappoint fans at their first performance at the Casper Events Center. All the songs everybody wanted to hear were on the setlist.

The Foo Fighters are all about the fans. Seriously. A lot of other bands stop through Casper as 'pit stop' so to speak. It is a small town in between Billings, MT and Denver, CO, so unfortunately many bands don't give it 100% while in Casper. This was not the case with the Foo Fighters. It was obvious that Grohl and his band genuinely enjoyed giving their all for the fans of Casper.

In my personal opinion, this is the BEST rock concert that has EVER come through Casper. Come at me.

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