With the cooler temperatures becoming the norm, fall is officially here and now is the time to head out to your favorite fishing hole and with a little luck you just might hook in to a monster. Fall is one of the best times of the year to get out on the water as the fish fatten up for the winter.  But where are the fish?  What are they biting?  Should I head to the lake or hit the river?  What should I use to help me land a most fish?

Let's take a look and see...

Whether your passion is angling with a traditional spin casting rod and reel or if you prefer the timeless beauty and precision of fly fishing there is lots of great fishing to be had on the waters right here in our own back yard.


  • Alcova - now that the recreational season is over, Alcova offers some great opportunities to catch big fish!  For Walleye try crank baits and bait harnesses.  For Trout try spoons or spinners, night crawlers and Powerbait. Fishing is Good.
  • Glendo - low water had congregated fish on points and drop-offs. Try jigs tipped with worms near any trees or vegetation. Also try pitching or trolling crank baits and pulling bait harnesses to tempt fish along sandy shores.
  • Pathfinder - water clarity is best in the main lake as the Sweetwater arm is turning over.  Fish are starting to school up and will be feeding heavy for the remainder of the fall.  For Walleye try bait harnesses, slow death rigs and crank baits along rocky banks and drop offs.  Night crawlers and Powerbait have been good for catching Trout.
  • Keyhole - the fishing in the NE corner of the state has been real good with most fishermen finding good numbers using bait harnesses and crank baits for Walleye.  No report on other species.
  • Boysen - water levels at Boysen have been dropping and fishing is fair to good trolling with bait harnesses, crank baits and slow death rigs around humps and rocky points.


  • Miracle Mile - water has been clearing and fishing is fair to good using buggers, leeches, rockworms, san jauns, scudds, eggs and BWO's.
  • Grey Reef / North Platte - after the recent rains, the trout have put on the feed bag and fishing is very good.  Try brown or olive buggers, scuds, san juans, leeches, midges, sculpin and rock worms.

For more information on fishing in Wyoming be sure to check out the Wyoming Game and Fish website.

There are tons of fish and lots of water out there holding big fish, now get out there and go fishing!

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