Timing is everything in comedy. No one knows that better than this guy.

Marcus LePage knows that better than anyone.

LePage wrote his first and only tweet seven long years ago with a rather pedestrian and otherwise forgettable message.

End of story, right? WRONG! After seven years of no tweets whatsoever and his Twitter account as active as a Blockbuster Video , LePage returned to the microblogging site with a (NSFW) vengeance this week with one hilarious tweet:

That sounds you hear is Marcus dropping the microphone and walking off stage.

Yeah, this modern day Rip Van Winkle basically slept away the entirety of President Obama's time in office, but may not like what he sees on the horizon. Either that or he's turning into one of those annoying over-sharers because he waited a mere 16 hours until a third tweet:

Well, played, Marcus. He has a grand total of three tweets, yet somehow has nearly 4,200 followers. Not too shabby, huh? We're looking forward to seeing how he plans to top this come 2023.

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