Slipknot's Corey Taylor has never been shy about expressing what he thinks about any issue, be it pop music, politics or anything else. He now hosts his own radio show, A Series of Bleeps, on Apple Music's Beats 1 station. Mixed in with Taylor's personal selection of heavy metal favorites are his thoughts on whatever talking points he feels should be brought to light.

On tonight's (April 13) episode, Taylor tosses his hat into the ring regarding mainstream news outlets. A preview clip (heard below) reveals his gripe with editorials being masked as truth from major outlets. The Slipknot frontman states, "Fundamentally, the federal government is a little more shrouded, because there's so much red tape that you have to get through, to wade through before you can find out what the hell is going on. And that's the rub, that's the dichotomy. As open and as bountiful as information is in 2016, between the social media and the Internet, we really don't know what the f--k's going on, do we? We really have no idea."

Pointing the finger, Taylor continues, "Everyone's got a story. Whether it's Fox News or MSNBC, nobody has the straight s--t, because editorials are being treated like fact. And that's the problem. There has to be a straight line that people can come back to. Because editorials are treated as mantra and treated as fact, now you have this weird thing where both sides of the political coin have their own group of experts, quote-unquote, who will take information and twist it to their benefit, no matter what it is. There is no base, there is no touchstone to come back to, to look at things in a pragmatic manner. So because of that, there's no way to keep people honest. There's no culpability."

The newest episode of A Series of Bleeps airs tonight (April 13) at 7PM PT and will re-air tomorrow (April 14) at 6AM.

Corey Taylor has kept a watchful eye over the 2016 presidential race, condemning Donald Trump and speaking out against the racism that has surrounded his campaign while applauding Bernie Sanders' "guts" for talking about hot-button issues and not getting distracted by the ongoing mud-slinging between candidates.

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